SquirrelBoardwalkThe Quincy Bog Natural Area in Rumney, NH has expanded considerably the scope of its operations over the past dozen years. The bog walkway is used daily throughout the year by thousands of individuals and small groups. While the majority of visitors are from central New Hampshire, many return annually from out of state. Nearby on East Rumney Road, the 92-acre Quincy Pasture Forest deeded by the Nature Conservancy offers trails open to the public. Click here to see trail maps for these properties.

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The Quincy Bog Nature Center has significantly expanded its nature walks, workshops and lectures and has a growing outreach to local schools through its Junior Naturalist program. With a sole exception, these programs are all provided at no cost to participants. The trail around the Quincy Bog has comprehensive trail markers, a trail guide, and other interpretative materials to enhance the educational value of the visit. Click here to learn more about the Junior Naturalist Program and school groups educational opportunities at the bog.

Under the official name of the Rumney Ecological Systems (RES), we have created the Pemi-Baker Land Trust (PBLT) with four significant properties under conservation easement. The PBLT is conserving properties that larger land trusts often overlook. Click here to learn about our conserved lands and an opportunity to learn about conservation easements.